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Let’s Talk Litecoins: The Currency Of The Future

Litecoin is slowly changing the way the world interacts with currency. It wouldn’t be the sixth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization if it didn’t have such a bright future. It is a minable cryptocurrency like the best of them, but we still have a long way to go before exhausting the origin.

What Is This Litecoin, Anyway?

A few years after Satoshi’s invention became a hit or at least a viable legal tender, Litecoin was born. The founders draw inspiration from Bitcoin, and so they have borrowed some features from it. Since 2011 when it was founded, Litecoin has made steady steps into becoming the world’s most recognized and accepted currency.

Banks For Who?

For the longest time, people all over the world have been at the mercy of banks. They have had control of how much you spend and at what rate you withdraw it. Remember the cash crunch in Greece that pushed banks to a corner? You could have $200,000 in the bank, but you could not access it. Why is that? Banks had run out of money. The country was not liquid at all. Unacceptable!

That incidence and many other economic crunches of the world have led technology driven people and firms to come up with other methods of transacting other than banks. This is how Litecoin and other crypto were born.

The best deal here;

You do not have to withdraw cash to spend it or give some card number to access goods and services. No sir. You only need to have enough Litecoin in your wallet to pay for your accommodation in that dream hotel. How do you make the payment? Online! You will only need to send the virtual currency as you would an email.

The other great thing is that you no longer need to transfer your currency into that of your designated country. You will only need to spend the amount of Litecoin stipulated at checkout. Since the world has embraced cryptocurrency, you can now make it your mode of payment wherever you see the sign.

And now the clincher: No Central Bank in the world controls this peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized system whose transactions are open to criticism by the public. With the publicly available blockchain, there is little information that is inaccessible.

Will You Pay For That?

There are minimal fees for transferring Litecoins. However, they in no way equal to the transaction fees charged by the bank.

Those fees charged by the banks are eliminated in this case so that you enjoy being in charge of your online wallet.

Faster Confirmations and Service

As we noted earlier, the founders or Litecoin drew inspiration from Bitcoins. They, therefore, had the chance to improve on the already established cryptocurrency. One of the things that Litecoins have over other crypto is the faster confirmation. Confirmation for one Litecoin takes only 2.5 minutes, making it the fastest currently.

The currency is also almost inexhaustible. Okay, not really, but the mine for Litecoin is over 4 times ‘more extensive’ than that of any other crypto. This only means that miners will be at it for longer and our faucet will be here for the same period.

Now, Let Us Break Down Those Benefits To You, Litecoin User.

Earlier we talked about removing the bank from the food chain. Yes, that is basically that. You will enjoy lower rates and peace of mind, knowing that you will not have to rely on a third party to generate a report for your account. Oh, and no more wasted hours at the ATM withdrawing amounts limited by the holder of your money.

Buy Anything Anywhere…

You can do that with your card too, but think about the procedure that you would have to go through. The bank would have to authorize a transaction, and you would need to use your secret credentials. You will no longer spend several minutes waiting for confirmations and authorization.

All Transactions Are Public, Or Are They?

When you transact using Litecoins, your wallet is debited, and the provider’s credited. You will then get a confirmation that will only be known to you and the receiver of the currency. Even though the public blockchain will show that Litecoins changed ‘hands,’ there will be no proof that you sent or received it.

Your transactions are only coded, and so no one will have access to your name, address, or anything else that is deemed private.

Go International Without Spending Much

Send the currency anywhere in the world without breaking the bank. There are minimal charges when transferring Litecoin, but it does not compare to what the banks charge.

Moreover, the recipient gets their money almost instantaneously. Moreover, as you can imagine, you will not need to scan and send any confirmation to the recipient of the currency as they will be notified as soon as it hits their online wallet.

Be Keen, Though

If you send mistakenly send Litecoins to the wrong party, you may lose it if they are not kind enough to return it to you. So, you may want to confirm all the details before you press ‘send.’

How Litecoins Happen

There are two ways or gaining Litecoins. You can either mine them or buy them. The founder, Charles Lee, intended for the limit of the currency to be 84 million. That is the case still, and the miner gets a reward of 25 Litecoins per block.

The mining process is made more difficult after the attainment of a set number of Litecoins, and it got a little more complicated in 2016. Miners use designated software and mathematical formulas.


After mining, the currency is validated with a Scrypt; a system put in place by the founders. After that, the block is made available in the market, and you can buy your digital currency.

What Does The Future Hold?

Every year, the world takes a stride in the digital direction. The bank as an intermediary has done its job in stabilizing the financial world and putting a central system in place, but the world seems ready for decentralization. It goes further than being able to send money anywhere in the world. It is all about freedom and independence.

Miners are yet to scratch the surface. There is still a lot of Litecoins to be made available. That creates stability and confidence.

This currency has been accepted by leading stores as a mode of payment, and it's only a matter of time before the entire world embraces it. The latest Fintech take-home was that the cryptocurrency trend had taken the financial world by storm and there seems to be no end to it. Cryptocurrency is the new world order.

And Now The Faucet

So, this is what we are leading to; our Litecoin faucet. If you are ready to get started on digital currency, there is no better way to go about it than through a faucet giving you free Litecoins. Our service will require you to complete a short procedure that will only take you a few minutes.

We will require you to fulfill a few simple tasks, after which we send Litecoins to your online wallet.

Since Litecoins have a faster confirmation period, we are determined to give as many of them as the trading rate will allow. This means that you stand a chance to repeat this process weekly (fair usage limit).

Once you have completed the process and you have been awarded Litecoins, we will transfer them to your online wallet immediately. As you complete the procedure, we will make you offers for apps. We have put thought into those selections to be sure that they would be beneficial to you.

Loyalty Bonuses

We reward your loyalty with 25% daily loyalty program and a referral program. Hey, or do you want to be the only one benefiting from our free Litecoins? The more the merrier, no?

Encountered any problem? Drop us a line here.



Guess who got started on the digital currency journey! Yours truly is totally sold and officially an avid fan of Litecoins. Couldn’t thank you enough.

Sara Lees

All Spruced Up

I just got upgraded. My online wallet is heavier today than it was two days ago. You have made the process simpler that it was a few weeks ago. Psyched! Coming back for some more Litecoins tomorrow. Cheers!

Lavenia Nair

Spreading The Word!

My family and friends will not hear the end of this. If I have to bring them here kicking and screaming, I will. Everyone deserves free Litecoins, and it seems this faucet has some for everyone! Thanks, guys!

Tony Worrell